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Ageing and durability of elastomers



- from the 3rd of May 2024 to the 1st of June 2024

- from the 8th of November 2024 to the 7th of December 2024


IFOCA institute provides this formation dedicated to the study of elastomer parts degradation. This SPOC will allow you to understand the mid or long term behaviour of a rubber, in order to anticipate its chemical and physical ageing.


R&D, DESIGN and QUALITY Engineers and Technicians, involved in raw material, compounding and user companies of rubber products.
This training requires a basic knowledge of elastomers (Materials and Implementation).



• Welcome to all: introduction

• What do you expect from this SPOC?

Week 1: Generalities about ageing of elastomers in their environment.

• What is ageing?

• Ageing factors.

• The different degradation modes and their mechanisms.

Week 2: Material Strategy Guideline

Reminder on polymers and elastomers. Formulation strategy.

Week 3: Accelerated ageing tests.

The different methods for testing ageing. Chemical analysis methods.

Week 4: Modelling the ageing

General Arrhenius and WLF models - Concrete cases of analysis.


Course Staff Image #1

Expert on elastomers formulations for Automotive, Aeronotical and Industrial applications.

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Since 2015, Technical manager LRCCP
Expert in mechanics of polymers - Head of Mechanical and Simulation LRCCP department (20 years)
Engineer Doctor from Compiegne University of Technology (UTC) .

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Virginie Papin
Principal for Continuing Education IFOCA


What is the duration of the training course?

This training requires about 2 to 3 hours of work per week, over 4 weeks. You can achieve this training at your own pace and according to your current knowledge until the announced session closing date. No report can be taken after this date. Access to the training will be only guaranteed for 1 month.

How do I pay the registration fee?

2 situations:
- You would like to achieve the training within a personal framework or outside your company's training plan: you will be able to pay online by following the link from you e-mail activation. You will be then registered within the following days.
- You would like to attend the SPOC within your company's training plan: you just need to complete the registration form bulletin d'inscription correspondant, with you HR service and send it to A training agreement will be established on behalf of your company.
You can register until a 10 days period after the start of the session. Beyond this date, we will advise you to register for the next scheduled session.

Can I contact the teaching staff?

Absolutely, you can contact our support team, directly via, specifying the training course and the nature of the requirement.

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  2. Début du MOOC

  3. Fin du MOOC

  4. Temps estimé

    12h on 4 weeks
  5. Price

    490€HT/VAT Excluded
    588€TTC/VAT Included