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Mechanical behaviour modelization for numerical simulation



-from the 25th of March 2024 to the 23rd of April 2024

-from the 4th of October 2024 to the 2nd of November 2024

About the course

In this online course, we will study the thermo-mechanical behaviour modelization of rubbers. This training objective is to put in perspective the use of common behaviour models compared with targeted industrial needs.


  • Welcome everyone : the preamble of the SPOC
  • General context of the use of finite elements computation

Week 1 : Classification of materials behaviour - Perticular case of the elastomers

  • Reminder about elastomers, particular materials
  • The main behaviour groups
  • Phenomenological aspects of vulcanized elastomers behaviour

Week 2 : Hyper-elasticity

  • Theoretical aspects
  • Modelization of hyper-elastic behaviour of compact and cellular elastomers

Week 3 : Inclusion of time effects - Visco-elasticity

  • Temporal linear visco-elasticity
  • Linear visco-elasticity applied to frequential analysis

Week 4 : Other behaviour laws and simulation example

  • Other behaviour laws
  • Numerical simulation by finite elements examples

General conclusion


This training is adressing to technicians et engineers reponsible of numerical simulations, or of the etablishment of behaviour models for industrial formulations.

This course require basic knowledge in mechanics and mathematics.

The creators

Course Staff Image #1

Since 2015, Technical director of LRCCP
Expert in mechanics of polymers
Manager of the Mechanics and simulation center of LRCCP (20 years)
Holds a PhD and an engineering degree of the Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC)


How long does the training last ?

The training require 3 to 4 hours of work per week, for 4 weeks. You can follow it at your own pace and according to your current knowledge until the closing date. No adjournement would be allowed. Access to the training is guaranted only for 1 month.

How can I pay my subscription

2 specific cases:
- You do the training for personnal use or outside your company training plan:
you can directly pay for your training online by following the link in your activation email. Your registration will be effective the following days.
- You want to follow a SPOC as part of your company training plan : Just address your registration form to: and a training agreement will be established for your company. You can register until a 10 days deadline after the start of the session. Beyond that, we will recommend that you register for the next scheduled session.

Will I be able to contact the pedagogical team ?

Yes, you can contact our support using by specifying the course and the nature of the requirement.

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  4. Temps estimé

    16h for 4 weeks
  5. Price

    620€HT/VAT Excluded
    744€TTC/VAT Included