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Discovering rubber, a remarkable material IFOCA

About This Course

We suggest in this SPOC discovered rubber, a remarkable material by its physical and chemical properties, multiple applications, its various business lines, and its tremendous growth in many advanced areas..

During four weeks and through videos, quizzes and collaborative activities, you will acquire a good knowledge of the rubber sector: to understand the characteristics and the features of rubber, the different modes of its implementation and the trades and outlets of rubber.


This SPOC is for everyone interested in the subject. Although it contains some technical concepts, it has been designed for an audience without special prerequisites: - neophytes and curious in search of information on rubber - future students or students IFOCA (pro license, CAP / BP, engineer ....) - students of Higher Education - new employees of rubber companies (integration of personnel) - Rubber employees wishing to increase their level of knowledge (operational, technical assistant, support services) -the employees of other sectors of activity (mechanics, aeronautics, automobile, energy ....) wishing to have information on the rubbers (BE, methods, purchase ...) because using elastomer solutions for their technical developments

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  1. Code de la formation

  2. Début de la formation

    May 27, 2019
  3. Fin de la formation

    Jun 25, 2019
  4. Effort estimé

    1 to 3 h per week